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10 tips on how to advertise on Facebook

More than a billion people use Facebook, the world’s most popular and popular social network, sharing personal information, photos, videos, and interacting daily with other users and pages of their favorite brands. Here are the #10 on how to advertise on Facebook.

#1 Choose your advertising goal

As a first step you need to choose the goal of the campaign, choosing between “Brand awareness” , useful to increase brand awareness and therefore the number of followers, “Consideration” (traffic, interaction, app installation, video viewing, generation of contacts and messages), i.e. informing your audience about the activities, services and products you offer, or “Conversion” (email list subscription, sale of catalog products, in-store traffic). Once the goal is chosen, the advertising format is the next step.

#2 The advertising format

All ad creatives on Facebook contain at least one image and descriptive text. The formats that can be used are manifold and can be easily consulted here.

#3 The importance of images

Able to capture attention in seconds during a scroll, images are the beating heart of the adv to advertise on Facebook. In fact, an eye-catching, crisp, high-resolution photo with bright colors and other contrast showing people intent on using your product is preferable rather than showing the individual product on an anonymous neutral background.

#4 How to do it if I have more products to show?

No problem, you can consider using carousel ads or video ads so that multiple products are displayed in a single post using images with the same style and product-specific text.

#5 The text, short but concise

Too long text can be a distraction and can cause your ad to be shown to fewer people. Facebook’s algorithm in fact incentivizes images with little text or even those without, so it is recommended to enter only the essential details using the right tone of voice.

#6 The Template, your best friend

To optimize and better convey your brand’s identity, use the same communication style,which translates into the same shades of color filters for the image and tone of voice and font for the text part.

#7 Choose Your Audience

For each individual post, you can select the audience you want to show your ad to. Include or exclude your audience by filtering it with demographics, sociodemographs, interests, and/or online behaviors.

#8 The Budget

An interesting aspect of Facebook to advertise is the possibility to invest from a few euros a day, changing the budget even during the work and always having a complete view on how the budget is placed. Of course, the higher the daily budget, the larger the number of audiences the ad will be shown.

#9 Do I choose a wide or specific audience?

Once you select the parameters with here include or exclude the audience to which the ad is directed, you’ll see the potential number of people who can be shown the content. Be careful though! Too large an audience can lead to a low conversion of our goal because it is not very interested. On the contrary, an overly specific audience will greatly limit the placement of the daily budget due to a lack of audience.

#10 Indecision, which post will work best?

I have everything ready: photos, text and targets seem to work but are undecided which slightly different versions to use. In this case you can create a split test A/B: run both ads within the same campaign and, by placing the same budget, check in a short period of time which of the two performed best.

In conclusion, Facebook certainly remains a great tool for advertising online, but if you’re not sure facebook is the right tool for you, you can delve into the Programmatic Advertiser or our Native Advertising strategies here.

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