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Ask the expert: Marcella Ruta and Amazon Marketing Cloud

We asked Marcella Ruta, Head of Digital Media at Next14, what makes Amazon Marketing Cloud such an essential tool for brands.

What is Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) and why is it becoming an essential tool?

is a secure, privacy-secure, cloud-based clean room solution where advertisers can easily analyze pseudonymized signals, including Amazon Ads events and their inputs. It is therefore the new holistic solution for measuring and analyzing the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, both search and dsp, that allows us to analyze with ease and precision the campaign data of our customers, going well beyond the classic parameters of advertising measurement. AMC therefore offers the possibility to have complete aggregated data, which allow to trace the entire customer journey of the user, going to enhance the contribution that each means gives to the achievement of the final goal.

Why is it necessary to develop and implement this technology in managing Amazon’s advertising budgets?

Advertisers are increasingly attentive to the allocation of advertising budgets and in need of measuring tools that allow the optimization of results, returning tangible insights and easily interpreted. To address this need, Next Commerce has enabled AMC on every customer, reaching over 65 active instances since February 2022.

In addition, together with NextOne, the tech unit of the Next14 group we collect, analyze and aggregate campaign data to data on user behavior in a totally anonymous manner, combining online and offline worlds and providing unique insights for optimizing the overall media plan.

We are proud to be pioneers in the use of this innovative advertising technology that, thanks to the valuable support of our Data Scientists and Tech Developers in the AWS, will enable us to offer our customers in the near future a state-of-the-art solution capable of bringing together data and insights from all media planning, both on and off line, in order to create an overall attribution model capable of enhancing the contribution of each means of communication to the achievement of different KPIs

So what can we do for our customers?

  • Reach incremental audiences through deep audience analysis, always creating new user clusters;
  • Develop custom attribution models to calculate the optimal coverage of the target, defining a correct OTS so as to maximize the effectiveness of the campaign both in terms of coverage and return on investment
  • Measure the contribution of the planning display and video in programmatic, with a view to full-function approach, as an assist to increase the effectiveness of search campaigns and the growth of organic research
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