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Ask the expert: Veronica Montagner and 3 tips to reduce digital emissions

Reducing digital emissions is a practice that can significantly improve the sustainability of our daily actions.

Here are the practical tips of Veronica Montagner, Creative Project Specialist, to do this, focusing on graphic optimization, digital collaboration and choice of sustainable tools and software.

  1. Optimization of graphic resources:

Use optimized and compressed file formats for your images and graphics, so you can reduce the size of your files without compromising on quality. Choose a resolution appropriate for the type of work you are doing. For example, if you are designing an image for the web, you do not need to use a resolution suitable for high-quality printing. Practice responsible design by minimizing the use of graphic effects and filters that require more processing power.

  1. Digital collaboration and resource sharing:

Choose online collaboration platforms and tools that encourage collaborative work without the need to send large files via email. For example, rather than attaching files, share links to documents or projects online. Use cloud services with sustainable policies and renewable energy infrastructure to store and share work files.

  1. Choose sustainable tools and software:

Opt for software that is energy efficient and offers automatic file optimization capabilities. Some software offers options to reduce the quality of the images during the saving phase, helping to decrease the file size. Invest in energy-efficient hardware, such as energy-efficient screens and devices with energy efficiency certifications.

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