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Attitude Guidelines

The professional conduct we expect from our team

Client Centric

We continually adapt our business models, starting from Clients’ requirements. We earn their trust by working with genuine enthusiasm and understanding every aspect of their needs. We build enduring relationships, sharing ambitions and turning them into mutual success stories.

Game Changers

The market in which we operate demands rapid adaptability and organisational excellence. Growth requires the implementation of rules and a commitment to digitalisation, as well as the continuous review of processes. Promoting change is what makes it effective: people who have the ability to see the whole picture grow along with the company, helping it to improve and aiming for excellence. We must become accustomed to relishing ever-new challenges.


Next 14 is a company based on continuous innovation, and it supports those with good intuition. Innovators are curious, they observe change and identify needs, connecting them to technology. They base their work on analysis and calculated risks: with steadfast determination they translate their ideas into innovations that create value.


Focusing clearly on problems and not complicating simple matters is very important: not everything needs to be analysed, dissected and debated. First intuitions can be decisive.


Quick thinking and swift action matter. Finding the right order and setting appropriate deadlines for completion of work established credibility and makes all the difference.


Proactive individuals don’t bring problems to the table, they respond immediately and tackle them head-on. They create strategies, present ideas and solutions: they simplify and resolve.

Ask for Help

Being proactive does not necessarily mean never asking for help. It is important to recognise those situations where acting alone is unwise, where going it alone can have irreversible consequences. We appreciate those who ask as many questions as necessary.

Correct Interaction

Communication among colleagues is a sign of respect, also towards the company. The absence of interaction in business increases the risk of errors, it precludes opportunities and often translates into economic loss, approximation or mediocrity. When we work together with colleagues, we need to bring the same level of attention that we devote to Clients. Those who work in a team know their job is not done until they have checked whether any team members need a hand.

Functional Feedback

Simply saying nothing does nothing to improve a bad situation:
we appreciate people who give and welcome direct feedback and who do not allow misunderstandings to carry on unresolved. Disrespectful and/or poor quality feedback is not welcome at Next 14.

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