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Rules of Leadership

Come vorremmo fosse esercitata la leadership
ed interpretati i ruoli di responsabilità in Next14

Earn your leadership, everyday

The esteem and trust of colleagues is not owed, nor does it derive automatically from any particular role covered. Active listening, professional integrity, sincerity and self-criticism are behaviour valued at every level. A leader does not boast about his own role in a successful deed, but praises the ability of those who helped achieve the result.

Empathic Leadership

Leaders have charisma. With their character and ability, they lead us to achieve our set objectives. These are individuals who motivate others, they have intrinsic empathy, they listen intently, they have no prejudices and they take nothing for granted. Their intuition is often spot-on and they never hesitate to act when they believe they are right: they take responsibility for disagreeing, and do so consciously, managing situations and anticipating problems, with well-reasoned solutions and calculated risks.

Leadership is Ownership

Leaders take full responsibility for their projects, from start to finish. They delegate as much as possible, but they never delegate responsibility, which they embrace fully. When they lead a project or a team, leaders never say: “it's not my responsibility”.

Leadership is Innovation

Leaders themselves create a culture conducive to innovation. They identify new quality directions and share them with others. They enable, plan and determine change in the organisation they lead.

Leadership is Improvement

Leaders create and establish optimal processes, they monitor and review them, continually adapting them to the business needs. They are responsible for sharing them and ensuring they leave a mark: leaders’ work has a lasting effect and makes the organisation self-sufficient in the long term.

Leadership is sticking to the budget

Increasing revenues often involves costs, the extent of which depends on the quality of our decisions. We appreciate leaders who achieve great results and grow the business, drawing on their self-sufficiency, guile and creativity, and never losing sight of the bottom line.

Leadership recognizes talent & develops future leadership

Next 14 backs those who exceed expectations through their type of approach, reasoning and ability. Our leaders must be able to recognise these individuals and nurture their growth: giving them responsibility, involving them in decisions, and giving direct feedback. Leaders always step up to the plate, mindful of the fact that one of their main tasks is to identify talent and build the leadership of tomorrow.

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