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How does advertising impact memory? This is revealed by research on the Media Attention Economy


Key points of the Next14 Media Attention Economy research:

  • Every 100 hours of exposure to the media we spend 38 hours careful and involved
  • Every 75 minutes of attention an advertising reminder is generated
  • The average cost of a thousand memories generated by exposure to the media examined can reach up to 241 euros

Next14, one of the main independent integrated communication groups, presented this morning the first Italian research on the Media Attention Economy. The event, moderated by journalist and television presenter Mia Ceran, took place within the framework of IF! Festival of creativity at the Teatro Franco Parenti in Milan.

Next14’s study, entitled “Media Reach & Attention Budget”, offers a picture of the media scenario and represents an important step forward in the analysis of the behavior of Italians during a typical day, with a focus on attention and remembrance compared to the advertising exposure on the various media at different times of the day.

The aim of the research is to answer key questions for advertising professionals: how does attention to the media turn into attention to advertising? How much attention should be dispersed and how to be remembered? How much does memorable advertising cost? What means are most efficient in transforming attention into memory?

The answers to these questions, key elements for each employee as well as representative of contemporary customs and customs, come from the integration of 4,800 interviews – carried out in collaboration with the specialized institute Human Highway – with data from 15 million geo-l profiles detected by the Next14 Data Management Platform and the use of advanced algorithms based on Artificial Intelligence.

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