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#Next14 News 1 August: the new Twitter logo, texts on TikTok and maps like you’ve never seen before


TikTok challenges Twitter

TikTok decided to take part in the race to conquer the throne of textual content, following in the footsteps of Meta that recently launched its application Threads. With the official announcement, TikTok will now allow creators to share ideas, stories, poems and more through new text-only posts. The innovative format will provide additional customization tools, allowing you to add sounds, positions, comments and stickers, while the post backgrounds can be embellished with a wide range of eye-catching colors.

According to some analysts, this move could redefine the social media landscape, pushing other industry giants to follow the example of TikTok and Meta.

Microsoft, Meta and Amazon unite to challenge Google Maps and Apple Maps

In a bold move, three of the tech giants – Microsoft, Meta and Amazon – have teamed up to challenge the supremacy of Google Maps and Apple Maps in the digital map industry. This new initiative was led by the Overture Maps Foundation, a coalition dedicated to developing interoperable map products that are accessible to all.

Recently, the Overture Maps Foundation announced a major breakthrough in their goal of providing maps independent of monopolistic platforms. Their first set of open map data is now available to third-party developers eager to integrate alternative maps into their applications, thereby overcoming the dependency on Google and Apple solutions.

Twitter is renewed: goodbye to the iconic bird

Twitter has chosen to abandon its iconic blue bird as its logo, to adopt a new brand: a stylized capital X. The announcement was made by none other than Elon Musk, the charismatic owner of social media, who seems determined to bring Twitter to new perspectives.

The change of logo could only be the tip of the iceberg, as Elon Musk mentioned the possibility of extending the use of the new X to digital payments and banking services. This ambitious vision could turn Twitter from a microblogging platform into a larger ecosystem, offering new integrated financial features.

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