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#Next14 News 11 July 2023


Whatsapp revolutionizes privacy with chat lock

Whatsapp, the popular messaging platform, is going to introduce an innovative feature that will protect privacy and ensure the security of activists around the world. The chat lock will allow users to hide specific chats, creating an impenetrable barrier for prying eyes.

A new CEO for Twitter: Linda Yaccarino takes the lead

Linda Yaccarino, the former sales manager of the advertising network CNBC Universal, is ready to shake the world of social media as the new CEO of Twitter. But what are her goals? While Elon Musk continues to rock the world with his brilliant ideas, Yaccarino will focus on an equally crucial task: bringing advertising to new levels of success on Twitter.

Wimbledon 2023: AI in tennis

IBM Watson makes its Wimbledon debut, bringing artificial intelligence to the center of the game. Thanks to the collaboration between the legendary competition and the US technology giant, the Wimbledon stage has been transformed into an arena at the forefront of artificial intelligence. IBM’s AI named Watson has unveiled some stunning new features that promise to revolutionize the tennis experience for players and fans worldwide.

The most exciting introduction is the “AI Draw Analysis”. an incredible feature that offers a completely new perspective on the way of tennis players to the final. But the news do not stop here. IBM Watson also created the “AI Commentary”. a function intended to change the way fans experience the emotions of matches. Thanks to this incredible technology, the video highlights of the matches will be enriched by an audio and text commentary of the key moments, allowing fans to immerse themselves in an interactive experience unprecedented.

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