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#Next14 News July 25: the latest news from the AI world


Wix Revolutionizes Website Creation with AI Site Generator

Wix, the famous website creation platform, has created a real revolution in the industry, launching its powerful AI Site Generator tool. This innovative tool allows Wix users to create websites in a few moments, transforming the description of a desired site into a complete portal, without the need to use drag and drop tools. Thanks to this cutting-edge technology, website creators can focus more on design and content, letting artificial intelligence take care of the technical aspect and the internal pages, enriching them with quality texts and images.

Google experiments artificial intelligence for writing articles and news

Google has launched a revolutionary new service that employs artificial intelligence to write articles and news. This interesting initiative has been proposed to major media companies in the United States, offering valuable support to journalists. By automating certain tasks, professionals will benefit from more time to devote to other creative and in-depth activities. Using AI promises to transform the production of information content and opens up new possibilities for improving the efficiency and quality of modern journalism.

Meta Introduces Llama 2: A Cutting-Edge Challenge for OpenAI’s AI

Meta rocked the world of artificial intelligence by launching Llama 2, an open and free language model. This move directly questions the powerful OpenAI GPT-4. Llama 2 has been trained on a vast volume of data, surpassing even its predecessor by 40%. This decision to make an advanced AI model accessible promotes innovation and problem solving in a variety of fields, opening up new opportunities for researchers, companies and developers who want to leverage artificial intelligence to create solutions that are increasingly performing and cutting-edge. Competition between technology companies is soaring, and the future of AI looks even more exciting.

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