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#Next14 News May 30th: Opera’s new browser, the “Bitcoin Tower” and Botatouille


Aria, the new AI browser by Opera

Aria is the new free service based on generative artificial intelligence and integrated into the Opera browser.

Aria is both a web and browser expert that integrates AI with the search for information of any kind on the web.

The “Bitcoin Tower” of Dubai

Thanks to Salvatore Leggiero, Italian entrepreneur and developer, a hotel chain will integrate AI and blockchain technologies within a new facility in Dubai.

It will be a 40-story skyscraper and will act as a connection between the digital and the physical world.

Buzzfeed creates “Botatouille”: the new recipe book in AI

Buzzfeed invests in AI to create Botatouille, bot recipes made for his food brand Tasty but also open to customers and partners.

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