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#NextNews 29 March: Copilot and writing codes, Runway to generate a video from a text and the possible ban of TikTok


Copilot: the AI that helps in writing and correcting codes.

Microsoft is integrating the Copilot system by integrating some features dedicated to programmers.

The latest update, in particular, features very similar to ChatGPT available directly inside the code editor.

Runway aka how to generate a video from a text

We are now “accustomed” to images generated by artificial intelligence but if we wanted to convert a text to video format?

Runway said it will soon make its model available to generate videos in the coming weeks.

Is the US going to ban TikTok?

Donald Trump had already tried in 2020 through an executive order that had been blocked by the federal court.

Now, the Biden administration is trying to complete the process in which Trump had failed.

As reported by the Wall Street Journal this week, a federal task force has asked TikTok owners to sell their shares of the app, or they will face a ban valid for all federal states.

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