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#NextNews: Amazon drones, a future without turbulence and more accounts on Whatsapp


Amazon drones are coming: by 2024 also in Italy
In 2013, Jeff Bezos began experimenting with Amazon drones in Texas and California. Today this service is about to land in Italy and the United Kingdom. During a recent event in Seattle, Amazon revealed its latest drone model, the MK30 Prime Air, designed to make fast deliveries of lightweight packages up to 2.3 kg. By the end of 2024, ENAC and ENAV will be committed to developing and implementing the necessary regulations and completing the certification of this revolutionary delivery service.

Turbulence-free flying: predictive technology from Turbulence Solutions
A startup called Turbulence Solutions is revolutionizing the aviation industry with technology that can dramatically reduce turbulence on flights. Using a sophisticated predictive model based on AI, this technology is able to predict the effects of turbulence in advance and automatically intervene to ensure a quieter and more comfortable flight.

Great news from Meta: whatsapp now allows you to use two accounts simultaneously on your phone, eliminating the need to bring two devices to manage different accounts.
In addition, for Android users, the app has introduced support for passkey, a feature that allows you to avoid two-factor authentication via SMS, integrating it directly into the app for added convenience and security. .

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