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#NextNews April 11: RightWingGPT, Fanta’s new identity and Apple’s latest update


From ChatGPT to RightWingGPT

RightWingGPT is an artificial intelligence model optimized to manifest political prejudices opposed to those of ChatGPT . It was created by David Rozado, a New Zealand computer researcher, who submitted ChatGPT to a series of quizzes, looking for signs of political orientation.

The new identity of Fanta

First Pepsi, then 7up and now also Fanta joins the iconic brands of drinks that have redone the look.

The new design of Fanta, a brand owned by Coca-Cola Company, shows a desire on the part of the brand to propose an identity adapted and designed for multiple targets.

Released iOS 16.4 with new emoji, voice isolation and new apps

The update for iPhone and iPad users includes new emoji, voice isolation during calls and new apps including Apple Classical Music, now available worldwide with more than 5 million songs available to the user.

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