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#NextNews: Gemini, the challenge to Google’s ChatGPT, the new frontier of SOS made in Android and IBM processors


Google and Gemini: the challenge to ChatGPT

Google has launched Gemini, its new artificial intelligence designed to outperform the performance of GPT-4. The announcement was made by Sundar Pichai, marking the beginning of a new era for AI. Although available in a more limited version on Google Bard, Gemini promises to take artificial intelligence to new heights.

Android: the new frontier of SOS

In a revolutionary move in the US, Google has introduced a vital feature for Android phones. Now, during emergency calls, devices are able to automatically transmit crucial medical data through RapidSOS. This includes vital information such as name, age, weight, blood type, and allergies, potentially saving lives in critical situations.

IBM releases Qubit processors

IBM announced the release of its revolutionary qubit processors, opening the door to a new era of quantum computing. The Condor chip, the largest ever released, boasts 1,121 working qubits. In addition, IBM presents a solution based on three Heron chips, each with 133 qubits. These advances represent a significant practical application of IBM’s latest discoveries in the field of error mitigation and noise in quantum computing.

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