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#NextNews: How does Threads work? Is there a Paninaris’ font? What happened between the New York Times and Microsoft?


How does the Threads algorithm work?

On Threads, the new social Meta, users try in vain to influence the algorithm with appeals to view specific content or connect with certain people. However, Meta confirmed that such requests have no impact on the posts displayed. Meta spokesperson Seine Kim explained that Threads’ custom feed is based on parameters such as accounts and posts that users interact with, extending to both Threads and Instagram.

Here comes Burghi: the Paninari’s font

The “Burghi” character, from the logo of the iconic Burghy of San Babila, was created by two young Milanese designers and distributed by the CAST typographic foundry. The font is inspired not only by Burghy’s logo but also by the Paninari’s culture in general, involving research in the magazine “Il Paninaro” and other comic books.

Lawsuits between New York Times, OpenAI and Microsoft: copyright infringement lawsuit

The New York Times filed a lawsuit against OpenAI and Microsoft, arguing that the two companies had infringed copyright by illegally using its articles to train ChatGPT and Bing Chat AI models, now known as Copilot.

The Times claims that such tools damage its relationship with readers, causing losses in subscriptions, licenses, advertising and affiliate revenues.

The claim amounts to billions of dollars.

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