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#NextNews: how to translate phone calls with AI? What is Alexa Plus? Is FedEx challenging Amazon?


Samsung Galaxy S24: translate phone calls with AI

The new Galaxy S24 offers instant phone translation thanks to its powerful AI. Conversations translated and spoken on the screen in real time, supporting 13 languages, including Italian, even offline.

Amazon announces Alexa Plus

Amazon is developing Alexa Plus, a paid version of the voice assistant. The rumors suggest a more colloquial and advanced service, trying to monetize the investment in a voice assistant that accounted for a passive $10 billion.

FedEx launches FDX and challenges Amazon

FedEx enters e-commerce with FDX, offering end-to-end solutions for businesses of all sizes. The debut is scheduled for the fall, and whether it will become a direct competitor of Amazon remains to be seen. FedEx expands beyond logistics, exploring new business segments.

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