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#NextNews: Instagram Channels arrives, Amazon’s new robo-taxis, and ATM’s SanMetro

Instagram VS Telegram

The new feature of Meta called Channels works just like Telegram channels. It is a broadcast version of chat that allows content creators to share messages with the entire community.

For now, only creators will be able to share messages on their Channel, while followers will only be able to send reactions and respond to polls that will be offered to the public. Channels is currently in beta testing with some creators in the US.

Amazon’s robo-taxis are coming

Road tests have officially begun for Zoox’s robo-taxis, the autonomous driving startup acquired by Amazon in 2020. Zoox has announced that it has transported passengers aboard a completely automated and steering wheel-free electric taxi on public roads.

ATM: the first SanMetro festival

On the occasion of the Sanremo Festival, ATM has launched a true version of the event dedicated to emerging artists. In Milan, SanMetro took place: the festival of metro-lit music that saw emerging bands and singers compete for the first time on stages set up in some of ATM’s main stations from February 7th to 10th, 2023.

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