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#NextNews June 13: the algorithm that will revolutionize health, gaming according to Apple and the NFT of Louis Vuitton


PrimateAI-3D: the revolutionary algorithm that reveals the genetic risks to health

A new step forward in the field of genetic mutations: thanks to PrimateAI-3D, the algorithm that predicts health risks using artificial intelligence. This incredible innovation is based on neural networks trained on genomic sequences, paving the way for a more accurate understanding of human diseases and their genetic predispositions.

Apple Game Porting Toolkit: the game revolution on MacOS

It’s time to take macos games seriously and Apple has a surprise in store for all fans.

The company introduced the Game Porting Toolkit, an innovative solution similar to Valve’s Proton, which simplifies the translation and execution of Windows games on macos.

Developers will finally be able to test and evaluate the compatibility of games, opening the door to a future in which Windows games can also be enjoyed on Mac. While there may be technical challenges to face, this exciting novelty lays the foundation for a borderless gaming experience on macos.

Louis Vuitton launches Treasure Trunks: the NFT collection

Fashion meets technology with Louis Vuitton’s new project: Treasure Trunks, NFT’s extraordinary collection

. Each piece of this exclusive collection is worth about $42,000 and is a portal to the magical world of Louis Vuitton, revealing unique products and experiences. Lucky buyers will have privileged access to live and extraordinary events throughout the year. Louis Vuitton is committed to offering exclusive experiences and planning dream events

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