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#NextNews March 21: Meta vs SIAE, Bing GPT-4 and goodbye NFT for Facebook and Instagram


Meta does not renew the agreement with SIAE

At the moment it is no longer possible to insert music into reels or Facebook and Instagram stories.
In fact, Meta has not renewed the agreement with SIAE, removing all the songs of the repertoire from their social platforms in Italy.

Microsoft deleted waiting list for Bing GPT-4

No more waiting list for the new Bing Chat feature, now anyone can use GPT-4, without blocks or waiting lists. Microsoft also launched Copilot: a new AI-based tool that helps users in productivity.

Meta gives up NFT for Facebook and Instagram

NFT testing in Meta apparently didn’t produce the desired results.
The company in Zuckerberg has decided to leave the NFT world to focus on the monetization of reels and the improvement of Meta Pay.

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