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#NextNews: Microsoft and OpenAI, Amazon NFT and the return of the Walkman microsoft

Microsoft and OpenAI make their partnership official: the business version of ChatGPT arrives

Microsoft will increase investments in supercomputers that accelerate OpenAI search. Microsoft has decided to invest $10 billion in more years in OpenAI with the aim of creating “new digital experiences” that include products/ services aimed at consumers but also and especially companies.
In fact, we are beginning to talk about a paid version of ChatGPT that will offer a more agile and faster service.

Amazon will launch a new NFT project

Amazon’s new NFT project is set for April and will allow users to play blockchain-based games.
Amazon’s entry into the NFT segment could be a real “turning point” for an industry that in recent times seemed to have had a setback.

Sony: the return of the Walkman

The iconic music player brand of the 80s is not dead: Sony still sells new models, but they are completely digital and devoid of the iconic cassette. Sony returns with the Walkman brand and with
a new model called NW-A306.
And so while Apple retired the iPod, Sony made the opposite choice, also because it could count on the legacy of the historic Walkman.

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