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#NextNews: OpenSea eliminates fees, deinfluencer on TikTok and arrives Global Roaming Starlink Internet service

OpenSea eliminates the fees

The world’s most famous NFT marketplace has completely eliminated its fees, since it has been surpassed by Blur in terms of daily trading volume at ETH.

For this reason OpenSea has given up its commission of 2.5%, responding to users looking for greater returns from individual investments.

The new trends of TikTok

On TikTok is a new category of creator: the deinfluencer or influencers who say what not to buy.

Often these creators also provide cheaper alternatives with the same level of quality: the so-called dupe.

Global Roaming: Starlink’s new Internet service

Starlink, a company owned by SpaceX, announces a new plan, available for $200 a month, that will allow “connect from almost any part of the mainland in the world”.

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