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#NextNews: stories of influencer clones, the official ChatGPT app and news in the Meta world


An influencer “clones” thanks to AI

Influencer Caryn Marjorie created her “clone” by exploiting AI.

Caryn AI, in fact, is a chatbot based on the artificial intelligence of GPT-4, which will allow her to maintain a more direct contact with her community.

The clone was created starting from over 2,000 hours of YouTube content published by Caryn, to better replicate the voice, ways of expressing themselves, slang and much more.

Users pay a dollar a minute to talk to Caryn AI, which in the first week of launch alone has yielded almost 100,000 dollars.

OpenAI launches the official ChatGPT app

At the moment it is only available in the USA and exclusively for iPhone but OpenAI has released the official ChatGPT app.

The app allows you to access the chatbot from your iPhone without ads.

Meta and AI: the construction of proprietary chips and 16,000 GPU supercomputers

Santosh Janardhan, Vice President of Meta, said that Meta is planning to build the first proprietary chip to run complex models and algorithms and start the second development phase of the next generation data centers, specifically optimized for AI.

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