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Waze: dangerous roads warning!

Waze, Google’s navigation app, has introduced a new feature to alert users about potentially dangerous roads. Now an alert will appear at the bottom of the app signaling the presence of areas with high accident risk. The notification will indicate the exact location on the road, also providing the expected distance in km and minutes.

Elon Musk presents Grok: the ChatGPT challenge

Elon Musk unveiled Grok, an AI bot rival to ChatGPT. Although the Xai site does not specify the cost of using Grok, Musk stated that it will become a feature of X Premium+. Currently, Grok is only available to a small number of users in the US but you can subscribe to a waiting list to get early access. Grok stands out for his humor and “rebellious soul”, in line with the personality of Elon Musk.

Google appeals to EU to make imessage interoperable

Google and other major European telecommunications companies have jointly asked the European Union to make imessage interoperable, accusing Apple of not adopting the RCS standard. In a joint letter, they argue that imessage should be considered a core platform service under the EU Digital Markets Act. EU decision could require imessage to adopt RCS standards by February 2024.