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World Earth Day


Fondazione Barilla has turned to Next14 with the aim of raising public awareness of the need to adopt sustainable behavior for the good of the planet and human health. On the occasion of World Earth Day, the Foundation wanted to launch a campaign that could inspire people to carry out small daily actions capable of generating a great collective impact. Specifically, the campaign was to promote the free distribution of 100,000 copies of the guide “100 Food Facts – Small Guide to Big Changes”, a compendium of 100 practical tips and information resulting from more than fifteen years of research by Fondazione Barilla.


Next14 has developed a creative strategy focused on the concept of multiplying virtuous actions. The idea behind the TV commercial, made for World Earth Day, was to demonstrate how small daily actions can, if adopted by many people, create a significant impact on the health of the planet and individuals.

The creative concept of the spot starts from a simple anti-waste action, a simple and everyday experience in which everyone can be recognized and can easily adopt. This simple action is multiplied in a mosaic that is gradually enriched with tiles, each representing a small sustainable action. This mosaic symbolizes the collective growth of awareness and commitment to change. The visual narration is supported by a strong and positive call to action: not a request, but a value offer. Fondazione Barilla, in fact, is committed to giving 100,000 copies of the guide “100 Food Facts” to those who will request it on the official website, thus promoting a greater dissemination of knowledge and awareness.

The spot was not an isolated element but part of a wider media plan devised by Next14, which included widespread coverage on TV, web, social media and national and local radio. This multi-channel strategy has ensured wide and diverse coverage, reaching audiences at various touchpoints and strengthening the message of change and sustainability promoted by Fondazione Barilla.

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