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Puy du Fou

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Born in France in 1977, Puy du Fou landed in Toledo to become one of the most impressive and unique theme parks internationally. Through their careful staging, structure, decoration, etc., they turn their shows into unique experiences based on the history of Spain, and so they want to transmit it to their potential customers.
Puy du Fou opened its doors in Toledo in 2019 with the acclaimed night show: The Dream of Toledo.

In 2021 the great day park was opened with a spectacular world to travel through history with grandiose shows, various period towns and endless corners where to taste local gastronomic products.


From Adbibo (Next Spain) we have designed the online media strategy through different platforms, creating a 360ยบ strategy balanced according to the performance of the campaign and objectives in each phase of the funnel that we seek to impact, focusing on the online consumption of the target audience of Puy du Fou.


+ 103M of Online Video Impressions, Display, Audio, CTV, Social Ads and Rich Media formats.
+ 1.5M clicks to the webs
+ 890,000 visitors to Puy du Fou in 2022
+ 28% increase in CR

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