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The legendary sketch-com starring Luca Bizzarri and Paolo Kessisoglu tackles new themes, recounting the changes affecting our society. The economic crisis, the looming shadow of China, the generational clash between millennials and long-time employees, precarious work, the unstoppable advance of digital technology, the uncomfortable presence of career women and immigrants. Alongside the inseparable Luca Nervi and Paolo Bitta are old-timers Silvano Rogi, Augusto De Marinis, Guido Geller, Alex Costa, plus countless other characters including Dottoressa S. Corte (Serena Autieri), Stefano Ambrosini (Marco Palvetti, Gomorra 2), Chiara (Sara Cardinaletti, Universitari - Molto più che amici), Beatrice (Ippolita Baldini, Colorado) and Martina Paroli (Brenda Lodigiani).

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