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Real Chimica (Chanteclair, Vert, Quasar)

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The power of simplicity and solid media planning


To continue to improve the outstanding results achieved by Real Chimica products (Chante Clair, Qasar, Vert) in the household degreasers and detergents category, managing a media budget which has doubled over the course of the past 8 years.


We have maintained the same distinguishing characteristics that have been key to the brand identity of the individual products since 2014 (jingles, payoffs, tone of voice), offering an omnichannel media plan (TV, Radio and Digital) and including a barter type marketing formula.


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Resounding success for the media strategy, with a steady increase in 2022 in the household degreasers and detergents sector in Italy, a competitive market with a series of major players (Unilever, P&G, Henkel, Bolton, Reckitt...).

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Market share with almost total brand awareness.

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