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Data & Audience Activation

We collect and manage data with a scalability,
level of detail and compliance unrivalled in Italy.

Our platform

A proprietary platform that can connect and summarise collected data with a precision and a level of detail that are unrivalled today in Italy.

Thanks to a network developed also through direct relations with major publishing companies, every month Next 14 collects anonymised information on more than 15 million individuals, through more than 1 billion single online and offline touch-points. The combination of these digital and physical sources, integrated with data from public databases like ISTAT (Italian national institute of statistics) and Agenzia delle Entrate (Italian tax authority), gives us unique insight into the various consumer clusters, providing not only socio-demographic data, but also detailed analysis of relevant habits, passions and consumer spending.

We work in partnership with CNR and top universities

Inference algorithms and approaches based on artificial intelligence developed in partnership with top universities and CNR (national research council of Italy), allow us to aggregate all this data quickly and effectively, with a particular focus on the idiosyncrasies of our own country


Data collection fully respects the privacy of users and constant attention is paid to the latest updates regarding regulations and compliance.

Collected data is stored and collated using modern encryption and hashing techniques, so processing takes place in secure data clean rooms.

This technology and the data obtained allows us to offer our media team precious know-how, while providing our trading desk with vital data for the development of media strategies and planning. It also enables us to give a large number of clients:

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Data & Audience Activation

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