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2 July 2024

Next14 News: Amazon challenges Temu and Shein – new e-commerce platform for fashion and home, Figma launches AI for designers, Microsoft concludes the Natick Project

23 January 2024

#NextNews: how to translate phone calls with AI? What is Alexa Plus? Is FedEx challenging Amazon?

14 December 2023

Maama entrusts Next14 with Amazon channel management

13 December 2023

Christmas 2023: tips to succeed on Amazon

21 November 2023

#NextNews: European digital identity, Amazon will sell cars from 2024 and how to delete Threads without losing the Instagram account

4 October 2023

Ask the expert: Francesca Rossetti and Amazon Retail

27 June 2023

Ask the expert: Luca Cattaneo and the Prime Day

2 May 2023

#NextNews May 2: Amazon, YouTube podcasts, Reddit and Discord

19 April 2023

Ask the expert: Marcella Ruta and Amazon Marketing Cloud

18 April 2023

#NextNews April 18: Chinese rival of ChatGPT, Amazon Bedrock and Twitter VS Substack

21 February 2023

#NextNews: Instagram Channels arrives, Amazon’s new robo-taxis, and ATM’s SanMetro

20 February 2023

Ask the expert: Consuelo Arezzi

31 January 2023

#NextNews: Microsoft and OpenAI, Amazon NFT and the return of the Walkman microsoft

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