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One Programmatic Self Service

The Self Service platform designed for Brands and Agencies looking for an in-depth and comprehensive programmatic advertising tool.

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Create programmatic display, video, and native campaigns

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Track the performance of your campaigns on your own.

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Reach your target audience effectively.

The strengths of our Self Service solution


Advanced and comprehensive interface

efficient systems to improve campaign performance.

Owner audiences

identified thanks to a technology developed with the department of semantic analysis of the CNR.

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No fixed costs

avoiding minimum guarantees and setup costs.

Domain control

to deliver your campaigns on quality sites for content and performance.

Made in Italy support

experienced staff who have been working with large companies and agencies for years.

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Notification systems

automatically update you on the progress of the campaigns.

One Campaign Manager Network


millions of users

15K +



Ad exchange

5K +

campaigns delivered to date

Suitable for Brands and Agencies

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For brands

If you want to manage digital advertising and customer acquisition directly, through our Self Service platform you can access the world of programmatic with an in-depth and comprehensive tool.

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For agencies

The ideal solution for small and medium-sized agencies that offer digital planning services and want to go beyond standard tools. You can manage your customers’ campaigns, provide reporting and analytics across a single platform.

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