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Nella mia cucina

Branded entertainment multi-platform


We came up with the idea of a cooking show where 20 cookery enthusiasts, with different backgrounds, drives and cooking skills, put themselves to the test to try to best replicate a dish being created by chef Carlo Cracco, without actually seeing his finished product until the end of the show. The chef appeared on the programme alongside the popular web star, Camihawke, the show being her TV debut on national Italian television (Rai 2), who opened each episode and then oversaw the culinary challenges with her distinctive wit. We were involved in the project on several fronts: casting calls for contestants in Scavolini stores, the ‘recipes’ explained in short video clips on Scavolini’s web channels, the social media viral marketing for launching episodes, the competition inviting users to take up the challenge of preparing certain dishes and posting photos of their results.

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