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A business success story

Next14 was founded in 2014 by Marco Ferrari (Chairman and CEO), Matteo Scortegagna and Marco Franciosa, who had all previously worked together on the successful Neo Network project, a start-up founded in 2000 which generated a turnover of over €30 million before successfully being sold to the De Agostini Group in 2008.

The vision behind Next14 was the need to create an agile and highly entrepreneurial business, capable of assisting companies in the new marketing challenges posed by data, automation and cultural changes in consumers, intercepting the trends which are clearly visible today and investing in the technologies needed to understand them.

Next 14 Captable

Next14’s organisational structure: centres of expertise.

Strong as Steel
Pacific Coast

Timeline: Next14’s story

  • 2014 NEXT14 founded by Marco Ferrari, Marco Franciosa and Matteo Scortegagna, and supported by 5 angel investors
  • Start-ups TURBO (Programmatic) and ZEROSTORIES (Content) founded
  • Start-up STINGMEDIA (TV Advertising Platform) founded
  • 1st Funding round (€4.5 million)
  • Acquisition of JOINTAG (Proximity), ZODIAK ADV (now OZ DIGITAL, Publisher) and ADBIBO (Spain, Trading Desk)
  • Start-ups CALZOLARI (Strategy & Consultancy), SOLDOUT (Amazon Agency) and SIGNALS (Data Activation) founded
  • 2019 Start-up IOTTACLE (People Analytics) founded, consolidation of all the technological platforms in NEXT ONE
  • 2019 (Dec) Next14 becomes a fully fledged Group (new identity and organisation)