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A story of success

Next 14 was founded in 2014 by Marco Ferrari (President and CEO), Matteo Scortegagna and Marco Franciosa, who previously shared experience in Neo Network – a startup founded in 2000 which made over 30 million in revenue, before being sold to the De Agostini Group in 2008.

The vision that led to the birth of Next 14 was the need for an agile and highly entrepreneurial entity, capable of guiding companies through the new marketing challenges shaped by data, automation and consumer cultural changes; while anticipating the trends that are fully visible today and investing in relevant technologies to understand them.

The most qualified European investors have supported the development of Next 14, either by investing as Angel Investors in the seed round or by participating in the first round of funding, which concluded in 2016 by raising 4.5 million for the consolidation of the technology platform and business development.

Next 14 Captable

Today Next14, fully profitable since 2017, is among the Italian digital companies with the highest growth rate with a 2021 revenue that will exceed €30 million.

Centers of expertise in Next 14


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